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Josh Fay Saunders, also known by his aliases "Gothic King Cobra" and "KingCobraJFS", has spent years entertaining hundreds with his brilliantly unorthodox YouTube video blog and ear-piercing music. This Wiki page is dedicated to his legacy.

Personal Life

Josh Saunders was born in Casper, Wyoming, where he currently resides. On account of his Asperger's Syndrome, Saunders was relentlessly bullied by his peers at a young age. He is currently an employee at a Wendy's fast-food restaurant, outspoken political activist, user of illegal substances, musician, and firm believer in the paranormal such as ghosts, poltergeists, and things that go bump in the night. He creates and posts his music under his stage name, King Cobra, playing both acoustic and electric guitar, and creating his own vocals.

Jewish Faith

For years Cobra has been a devout Jew. It is believed he converted to Judaism when he began his work at a kosher Wendy's in Casper. Though hard evidence of his religious beliefs is stacked against him, Cobra continues to deny that he is indeed a Jew as of 02/14/16.

Pet Goat

During January of 2016, a rumor circled Cobra's YouTube channel regarding his pet goat. Many have claimed to see the animal roaming Josh's apartment on several different occasions. In some videos, the goat can often be heard banging objects around in the background. Though the creature is never seen on camera, theories continue to spread of its existence. Cobra continues to deny anything living in his residence but himself. explaining that his landlord doesn't allow pets in his apartment. On February 3rd, 2016 while Josh was at a tattoo parlor getting a king cobra tattooed on his arm, an unidentified individual called the parlor asking to speak with Josh. The caller then stated that his goat had escaped and was running around the neighborhood, terrorizing civilians. Though nothing more has been said of this incident, there is still no solid evidence exposing Josh's pet goat.


Ami is a woman who Josh briefly dated in February 2015. A video was posted shortly after they began seeing each other, showing Ami sitting by Josh and drinking a beverage. Less than a day after said video was uploaded, another was posted informing his fanbase that he and Ami had gone separate ways. His explanation for this tragic turn of events was that he was a bit of a "jealous person", and Ami having many "guy friends" was making their relationship rather tense. Ami has been rarely seen and spoken of since then. In September 2015, a video was posted telling his fanbase that Ami had gone to jail, with bond set at over $1,000. Saunders seemed to get pleasure from this, boasting about karma being swift and sweet.


Saunders is currently employed at a kosher Wendy's fast-food restaurant in Casper. He has mentioned his service at said workplace multiple times throughout his vlogs.


For years Cobra has created magical wands for his own use. In many videos he is seen brandishing his dark weapons, even showing off their powers in one video titled 'Real Magic', where he waves his wand at an ice machine 30 seconds before it spits ice out "all on its own". In another video titled 'Wand Video', Cobra is seen crafting a wand in his lair, balancing it with a vice clamp as he applies a crystal to the tip of the wand with Gorilla Glue.

Step-Great Granddad Dean

On October 18, 2015, Josh posted a video regarding the recent passing of his step-great grandfather Dean. Saunders told of how much of a supportive, accepting man Dean and the rest of his family had been, even though they were not related by blood. Dean was an old-fashioned Wyoming rancher, in the game for life. To honor the memory of this great man, Josh cracked open a 24 ounce can of Camo Black Extra and sang the band Sixx AM's hit song "Life Is Beautiful".


William "Scotty" Hackman is a local bum who often stays over at Josh's house against the rules of his landlord and leeches off of him for cigarettes and money. For years Scotty has been a friend of Lord Cobra, even appearing in many of his videos overtime. Though Josh and Hackman's bond grows stronger by each passing day, the majority of Cobra's fans resent Scotty. Nevertheless, Josh refuses to accept the fact that Scotty is nothing but a worthless freeloader, and defends his honor every chance he gets. He even went so far to title a video "People who talk shit on Scotty are pathetic", calling out those who badmouth him.


Bailey is a woman Scotty went to high school with. He often tells Josh stories about her and has even gone the lengths to describe her to him. Cobra has talked about her in many of his videos, saying she is a goth who likes snakes, has Aspergers, listens to Cradle of Filth (Josh's favorite band), and smokes a tobacco pipe, even going the extra mile to say she is pretty much a female version of him. Though Josh speaks of her often, his fans are beginning to believe Bailey isn't real, as he has given no evidence to prove her existence in the 3 months he has talked about her. He denies all claims of her being fake and promises to show her to his fans if they hit it off.

YouTube Channel

Josh Saunders created his YouTube channel in November of 2012. Since then, he has posted weekly video blogs from the foggy comfort of his home, informing his viewers about his personal life, adventures, music, and more. Saunders posts weekly on his channel, and has gained more than 2,000 subscribers with a whopping 447,000+ total video views as of February 9th of 2016. His famous, or infamous, antics continue to go unnoticed by the general public, and only his cult of followers know the true power of his will.


"I am a musician I play Guitar both Electric and Acoustic I sing I have cds available I'm trying to get my musical career off the ground. My artist name is King Cobra I play and Compose my own music am fan of Metal and Rock and a little bit of grunge and punk and some Alternative. I also do vocal covers and share with you my thoughts on issues like political and or social or media I I am also a firm believer in the Paranormal such as ghosts and poltergeists and things that go bump in the night."

Video Highlights ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------


In the majority of his videos, King Cobra is seen ranting about everyday events. His major pet peeves seem to be overly-religious people (especially those who try to convert others), politics, people who intentionally make him upset, and bullies.

Documentary #1

On February 23, 2014, an hour-long documentary about the life of Josh Saunders was uploaded by an account under the name of "trappped". In this video, King Cobra is seen hanging with friends, smoking tobacco, swearing, talking about the supernatural, and much more. If you have not yet seen this work of art, watching it is highly recommended. Documentary #2 is currently in the works as of 10/26/15, as stated by Saunders.

Food Reviews

In August 2015, two food reviews were uploaded by the King in a span of less than 3 days. The first covers the "oreo churro" from Taco John's, and the second covers the Baconator Fries from Wendy's. In the first video, Saunders is seen calling the churro "diabetes on a stick", while chowing down on the tasty treat. He then raves about how eating marijuana, regulating your diet, and exercising can cure diabetes by reversing the disease, if someone were to get the illness by eating an oreo churro. In the second video, Josh is seen wearing a Wendy's employee cap while eating his specially-created Baconator Fries, created by mixing fresh sea salt fries, nacho cheese, bacon, and cheddar cheese together, then topping the dish with broccoli and onions. A special dish, only able to be created by using your powers as a Wendy's employee. A third video was uploaded on the evening of December 4th, 2015, showing Saunders stuffing his face with a 'Gouda Bacon Cheeseburger', again from Wendy's. Near the end of the video, Josh is seen filling his drink cup with a special concoction, a mixture of Mellow Yellow, Root Beer, Lemonade, and Coca Cola. Some say this concoction is used to cleanse the human soul of anything strongly religious. On February 5th, 2016, a fourth food review was uploaded by Cobra showing him eating a pair of burritos from Pancho's Mexican Restaurant. In the video, Josh mentions he has been drinking, and nothing compliments a night of drinking quite like some Pancho's.

The Sandbar Lounge - 2 stars on Yelp

The Sandbar Lounge is a fabled bar in Casper. Spoken of by King Cobra multiple times in his videos, his fanbase pleaded for a look inside the mystical location. On August 27, 2015, his fans finally got an answer to their prayers when a video was uploaded by Saunders. In the video, the King is seen chugging down some cheap booze, causing a ruckus with his homies, and gazing upon some "fine ass senoritas".

I got a package

On December 10, 2015, Josh received a package mailed by a group of fans containing multiple miscellaneous items. Inside, he found an inflatable sheep named "Lady Bah Bah" that he accidentally popped during the opening process using a prized knife of his, some money, a little bit of food, some Marlboro Midnight cigarettes, condoms, and after months of his fans waiting - a brand new camera. The King quickly set up the new camera and uploaded a video the following day giving his fans an all new look into his lair. Big thanks to the user MasonJar and everyone else who chipped in to make King Cobra's YouTube channel a safer, cleaner place.

2,000 Subscribers Videos

On January 31, 2016, King Cobra reached 2,000 subscribers on his YouTube channel. As a celebration for this event, Josh rewarded his loyal fanbase with a tour of his apartment, as promised. Though the video was hazy and was filmed vertically with his phone, the fans were given a breathtaking glimpse into the King's lair. During the tour, Cobra shows his computer, dining room (a messy table in the corner of his living room), his shower curtains that he mentions he picked out because of their tropical island design, his guitars, and his bed. Near the end of the video, Josh mentions he will further celebrate the occasion with a Black & Mild cigar, a "huge ass" can of Monster Energy, a can crush using the Monster can, and a third video.

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